Adding Bookings to a Trip

You've submitted your trip information and you're now ready to start adding bookings to your trip.

From the availability screen click a coloured cell for the attraction and timeslot you're after.

In the popup that appears select the program you wish to book.

You'll be shown times available in this slot for booking, as well as some basic information about the program.

More information is available by clicking the 'See Full Details' link.

From here, clicking ‘ADD TO ITINERARY’ will let you request that specific time, whereas clicking ‘JOIN WAITING LIST’ will let you join a waiting list for this program.

Requesting a Specific Time

Requesting a specific time will show another popup with some details about what you're requesting.

It shows the space limit as well as the required ratio.

You can provide the number of students, teachers and adults you're booking into this program, as well as providing a comment related to this specific booking.

As with the numbers on the trip, you can update this closer to the time of your booking.

Finally, clicking ‘REQUEST BOOKING’ will add a draft booking to your trip ready to be sent to the attraction when you submit the trip.

The time slot is only locked in once the attraction has approved your booking.

Joining the Waitlist

Joining the waitlist activates another popup, showing some basic information about the program.

Here you can enter the number of students to add to the waitlist, as well as providing some flexibility.

  • ‘EXACTLY THIS TIME’ means you don't have any flexibility when this booking can occur; it has to be at the time you requested.
  • ‘STARTING ANY TIME BETWEEN’ lets you provide a starting and ending time range that you're happy to have the booking start between.
  • ‘ANY TIME ON THIS DAY’ means you don't have any time requirements for this program; you just want to book it.

You can also provide some comments about your request before clicking the ‘JOIN WAITING LIST’ button