Joining a Waiting List

Some Attractions operate a Waitlist.

You may join their Waitlist if they do not have sessions available at the time you are seeking to make a Booking.

Note: joining the Waiting List DOES NOT guarantee you a Booking.

Please ensure you keep Waitlisted Bookings up-to-date and cancel Waitlisted Bookings you no longer require.

You must create a Waitlisted Booking for each separate day you wish to be on the Waiting List.

Joining the Waitlist activates a popup displaying some basic information about a Program.

Here you can enter the number of students to add to the Waitlisted Booking, as well as providing some information related to your flexibility:

  • ‘EXACTLY THIS TIME’ means you don’t have any flexibility; your Booking has to happen at the requested time.
  • ‘STARTING ANY TIME BETWEEN’ lets you provide a time range within which you’re happy to for the Booking to start.
  • ‘ANY TIME ON THIS DAY’ means you don’t have any time requirements related to this Booking; you could accept an offer for any start time on the day.

In the COMMENTS section please state the total of students on the entire Trip.

Once you have completed adding information click the JOIN WAITING LIST button.