Unable to login

If you're unable to log into your account there are some things you can try before contacting support:

  • Check you're entering your email address and password correctly.
    • This includes making sure you're using the correct case for your password.
  • Try resetting your password.
    • This will send you an email with a link that lets you change your password.
    • If the email hasn't arrived in an hour, check your junk folder as it may have been marked as spam.
    • If you receive an error while doing this the Book Canberra Excursions site may be down, or an IT department may be blocking access to the system.
  • Check other parts of the Book Canberra Excursions system work.
    • You can do this by clicking on one of the National Attraction logos on the home page.
    • It should take you to a page with more information about that attraction.
    • If this page doesn't load, Book Canberra Excursions may be down or an IT department may be blocking access to the system.
  • Check with your organisation's owner that your Book Canberra Excursions account is active.
    • They can do this through the user management screen inside Book Canberra Excursions.

If none of this lets you regain access to your account contact the Book Canberra Excursions support team via support@bookcanberraexcursions.com.au.